Spring Update

This weekend was a busy one for the brothers here at Creighton. We started the weekend off a little early on Thursday evening at a place where it is always 5 o’clock with our Margaretville date party on the River City Star, after hitting up Noodles and Company to fundraise for Senior Skip. The next day, Friday, was a day to recover and try to sweep in those last minute donations for Run With A Heart. Some brothers did so by supporting the Gamma Phi Beta chapter’s “Spagammi” dinner that evening. Then bright and early Saturday morning the Run With A Heart 10K, 5K, and 1K Fun Run courses where set up. At 10PM the 10K race began with 10 runners participating, shortly after the 5K runners, totaling nearly 125, left the Gallop Pavilion, followed by the 70 some Fun Runners. The event raised over $7,000 dollars for the Heart Ministry Center in Omaha, an astonishing 5 times as much as the previous year. Thank you to all that were in attendance and that donated to the RWAH. Then the weekend was capped off with the First Annual Jimmy Gorman Alumni Golf Tournament. The golf tournament brought nearly a dozen recent alumni back to Omaha to play a round of golf and enjoy a banquet dinner at Tiburon Golf Club. It end with a one hole shootout between two of the teams with the team comprised of Brothers Zenon Kuzyk (’16), Jacob Brokaw (’16), Rob Maxwell (’18), and Jeff Johnson (’18) coming out on top. We hope to grow this event next year and would love to see you all there

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