The Nebraska Delta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Creighton University in the winter of 86. Since its beginning, Sig Ep has become one of the leading fraternities on campus by building a foundation based on philanthropy, brotherhood, and social activities. The cardinal principles of Sigma Phi Epsilon are virtue, diligence, and brotherly love, and we strive to exemplify these principles in all that we do.

We are diligent in the emphasis we place on academics. We understand that fundamentally we are students, and so we constantly encourage productive educational schedules in our members. Immediately after joining our fraternity, one will enter a pledge program that is structured around being diligent in studies. The diligence that is stimulated through our pledge program often remains with a new member as he enters other organizations on Creighton’s campus. This is proving quite evident as a number of Sig Eps hold leadership roles on campus, ranging from CUBAC Presidents and executives to past Student Body Presidents. Each year, Sig Eps are leaders in many clubs, University Committees, government organizations, and varsity sports. Currently, we maintain the 4th best G.P.A. with chapters over 100 members throughout the country.


As brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon, we pride ourselves on our ability to get involved in the community and create an impact that will last beyond our four years on campus. Just last November, we partnered with our national philanthropic partner Big Brothers Big Sisters to provide over 2o big brothers to our local chapter. Members who weren’t able to be big brothers themselves also helped out at local Big Brother events like the Winter Carnival. We also partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters to help recruit others in the Creighton community to benefit our amazing partner.

Members also participate in various community service throughout the year with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, as well as attending service trips through the Creighton Center for Service and Justice. Every spring, we hold our Run for The Heart which helps raise money for the local Heart Ministry Center which provides food, clothing, and health and legal clinics to the underprivileged in North Omaha. At Sig Ep, we certainly hold philanthropy close to our heart.

Member Development

One of the most critical and differentiating aspects of Sigma Phi Epsilon across the country is the Balanced Man Program. As opposed to the typical pledge process experienced in most fraternities, members of Sigma Phi Epsilon are initiated the night they accepted their bids, and are admitted into the fraternity as fully active members, beginning the Sigma Challenge. After completing various challenges and bonding with fellow Sigmas, members then progress through the Phi and Epsilon challenges by the end of their senior year. The Balanced Man Program is certainly something that makes Sig Ep different from all other fraternities.


Beyond all service and academic requirements of the fraternity, our brothers also enjoy getting together in a variety of fashions and themes to relax. Every year, we travel to the Ozarks for semi-formal and Kansas City for formal to celebrate our accomplishments as a chapter, while also providing members with the ability to get away from the Omaha area for a weekend of warmer weather and brotherhood. Members also partake in date parties and mixers with other sororities on campus to provide more opportunities to bond.


Members are expected to pay dues each semester in order for the chapter to be recognized nationally, while also remaining an active member of our chapter. Dues also go to finance date parties, mixers, as well as philanthropy events and other fraternity functions. Payment plans are optional through the VP of Finance, as we don’t want money to be a reason not to join our fraternity.