As we move forward in our efforts to become the best chapter that we can be, money is only a small fraction of the need. Beyond your financial support, we want you to be involved. We do not just want to hear from our former members, we want to see you involved in the chapter and making the biggest impact that you can. We are always looking for volunteer assistants in our VCA. If you’re unable to make that kind of commitment, feel free to contact us about coming to chapter and talking about your field or offering up a tour of your offices. Anything that you feel will lead to the betterment of our chapter we want to know about it! We are only as strong as our alumni backing and your support is crucial in our journey to be the best chapter possible. Again, thank you for your all you do for the chapter, both locally and nationally. Your support is felt by every member of this fraternity and we cannot thank you enough.

Alumni Relations Chair – Brady Happe –

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