Recruitment is a very serious issue with Sigma Phi Epsilon. In winning the recruitment award the last two years on campus, we have not only proven that we run an effective recruitment week, but also that we take the best men on campus. It is not by accident that our members are continuously involved in campus leadership positions and intramural championships, while also keeping active in their faith life and securing high level internships after graduation.

By being extended a bid into Sigma Phi Epsilon, we believe that you hold characteristics that are not only important to us, but help serve a greater purpose on this Earth. Our core values of virtue, diligence and brotherly love are not just simply slapped on a shirt and recited during recruitment week. They are lived throughout our time at Creighton and beyond.

We hope to get the chance to meet and interact with every single one of you during our time at Creighton. Please fill out this survey below to help us get to know you better.

Recruitment Survey